Improving Lies

One Auto Loan At A Time

AutoProvit gives people with less-than-perfect-credit a chance to get a fair deal for a car they love and provide assistance to improve their credit.

Our Mission

AutoProvit’s mission is to empower you with the keys to not just a car, but a better credit score and a brighter future.

We’re dedicated to providing affordable, reliable vehicles and a pathway to improve your financial health, all while treating you with respect and understanding. Together, we’ll steer your journey toward better credit.

Our Process

Warm Welcome

Friendly faces ready to help, no judgment.

Simple Application

Easy, quick, and straightforward process.

Vehicle Selection

Choose your reliable ride from our curated inventory.

Transparent Financing

Clear, fair financing options to fit your budget.

Education & Support

Tips and tools for a smoother financial journey ahead.


Opportunities to lower your rates as your credit improves.